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Mia vivone

Mia Vivone is a Professional Consultant, Educational Speaker, and Life Coach specializing in trauma, and author of The Preventable Epidemic – the Truth About Violence Against Women in the U.S. (2015) and Cognitive-Behavioral Causes of Depression (2016). 

Mia crafts multifarious works exploring uncomfortable and, at times, controversial subjects, while offering practical solutions to those grappling with life events threatening to overtake them. Her stimulating content captures the attention of all who appreciate her keeping-it-real teaching style that inspires even the most defeated, stagnate spirits to believe that they really can improve themselves, their relationships, their lives.

Mia’s unusual combination of bold voice and fierce empathy conveys conviction, while simultaneously transmitting a lifeline of hope. Mia encourages audiences to reflect, empowers them to believe that they are worthy of the best, and motivates them to take action.  

To request samples or mock-ups, and inquire of writing forms, including research articles, blog posts, book reviews, and more, contact Mia via email or phone.

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