Everything about life is experienced differently when you've survived trauma. Get a Coach who knows.

Mia Vivone

Professional Consultant & Coach Specializing in Trauma

Bobby almon

Artist & Advertising Firm Owner

Mia specializes in all kinds of amazing tools.

In 3 months, I learned more about myself than in the last 15 years in therapy.

Her work is powerful.

What You’ll Get During Your  

Free Consultation

Because trauma is personal, I want to offer the most compassionate approach starting with our first conversation.  For this reason, I do not do consultations via text or email. You deserve someone to take the time to understand your unique situation in the right way. Our first interaction sets the tone for any future work we may do together.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Prepare a quiet and safe space where you will not be interrupted. We are not using video for this call and this is not where you tell me your entire story, so...relax.  

What Happens During the Call

I will explain what I do, what I don't do, how sessions are conducted, and results that are typical, and you will give me a picture of your daily life so that I can determine where it is that you are experiencing stress. This is to see if we are a good fit for the coaching model. 

What Changes After the Call

People tell me they feel "relieved" and "hopeful" after the first call. You will get immediate feedback about how to cope with something that concerns you. If we are a good match, we will schedule your first appointment. 

About MIA

I noticed a need for a different approach to working with childhood and relationship trauma survivors when I started sponsoring women in a 12-step program and again while working in community mental health.

 Systems that are shame-based, universal, and re-traumatizing fail miserably when it comes to encouraging recovery from events that leave people feeling viciously violated mentally, emotionally, and physically.  My coaching practice is future-oriented and focuses on coping skills that capitalize on resiliency and instill empowerment. 

Why They Recommend Working with Mia

Real people. Real Results. The photo may or may not be real, depending on the client's preference.

sanjay S.


Mia helped me identify behavior that blocked me from success. I had no idea this was related to family trauma. I am no longer sabotaging myself.

alissa g.


Working with Mia, I learned how to break the cycle of toxic relationships. Today, I have the confidence I've always wanted. I know that I'm worthy and that I matter. 

amanda t.


Mia's knowledge, empathy, and unconditionally-loving demeanor was a game changer for me. She guided me into becoming the best version of myself.

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