Mia Vivone | Professional Consultant and Coach Specializing in Trauma


Dear Mia,

“I wanted to write you this letter to thank you for being my trauma coach. Once I am able, I hope to be your client again. You’re a very supportive and empathetic individual. You have helped me in my recovery a great deal! I write this letter as a recommendation and validation of the work you do. Your knowledge, empathy, and unbiased attitude towards your clients is life-changing! When I first met you, I wanted nothing more than to not be on this planet. Once we started getting to know each other’s background, you have guided me into a willingness to live and be the best version of myself. I have had some ups and downs, but you remained caring through it all. Now, I find myself and my life having more upswings than not! I am forever grateful for your compassion and assistance in my wellbeing. With all the thanks in the world…”

– Amanda T.
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