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Please note that all testimonials are in the client’s own words and remain unedited.

“I would like to recommend that you invite Mia into your life as I have. I’ll tell you a bit of my story. When I originally was scheduled to be seen at ———————————- I was not only doubtful, I was outright angry because I have had many a sessions with professionals as Mia Vivone and have never recieved any benefits from the interactions so I thought “here we go again,” jumping through hoops to get my meds. OMG WAS I SURPRISED AND GRATEFUL!! I was a mess in all areas of my life and had not had my meds or any mental health issues addressed in so very long I thought I was too far gone for help. I’m here to tell you I LOVE this girl immensely. I normally buck everyone who thinks they can give me advice because they have not lived what I have lived through…..I have found respect, admiration, and kinship wiht Mia that I dont even have with my friends. Our very first session she put my mind and my heart at ease and was on her way to touching my soul. IN ONE SESSION! I’m a bit neurotic and severely medicated just to cope with daily living. I have been seeing Mia for about 5 months. From being a basket case to a productive part in my own life, let alone in others lives. I am putting my past demons to rest with every session. I wish we had met years ago. I say met because she is to only my coach but my confidant, friend, mentor. I hold her and her experience in the highest regard. Everyone that I come in contact with notice the difference in not only my demeanor but I’m able to even smile and laugh today. That was not happening 6 months ago and had resigned to the fact that I would be the manic, bi polar, ungrateful, stressed out shell of a human that would succumb to the stuff eating at my soul. NOT ANY MORE. My father who I care for is grateful and looks forward to Tuesday as I do. Mia gives me hope. She has been able to make me want to live and be the person I am meant to be, not the medicated shell of a person I had become.

If you are looking for help from someone with qualities and education, who’s credentials speak for themselves, life experience beyond her years, you are in the right place. I’m so grateful and blessed today. Those blessings I had a hard time seeing, are abundant now. I am hopeful, coping sometimes feeling like a phoenix being reborn in my life since Mia. In short, she has given me hope, and that’s something I have not had in many years.”

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