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Thank you, Mia.

Beyond that, what to say, I’m really not sure.

But I’ll give it a shot.

To say that I am fiercely independent? Well, that is the understatement of the century. If I can do it on my own, I’m doing it on my own. Relying on no one. Even if it’s nearly impossible, or it’s not wise, or I don’t have to, I’m likely going to anyway.

Before Mia, I had made a lot of headway way on my healing journey. On a couple of occasions, I broke down and attempted traditional therapy, however, that was a disaster. A couple of sessions, or even one was enough to only make matters worse. Unfortunately, traditional therapists are, at no fault of their own, and in my own personal opinion, generally unequipped to deal with the complexity of severe trauma.


Because theory is a start, but it’s not enough.

So, there I was, going it alone and although I had made a certain amount of progress, it had not always been pretty. However, I had stalled. Stagnated. There was one final obstacle in the way. A wound that was too deep. A wound that was festering. A wound that was ongoing and current. A wound that I felt emotionally incapable of dealing with. A wound that was just too … painful. But it needed to be dealt with.

It needed to be faced.

For the not facing it was far worse.

The not facing it, was like a cancer, eating me up inside.

But facing it? That was terrifying. The result I was expecting was one I did not believe I would be able to deal with. It was something that I could not understand. It was something I did not feel I had the strength to survive. I had made some attempts, but it wasn’t enough, I needed to do more.

Avoidance wasn’t the answer.

I needed help. Though of course, I would never admit it, nor ask for it.

Somehow, Mia saw this.


From my comments on her business page, which had mysteriously popped up on my feed. Was it a Coincidence? Serendipity? A higher power? Or something else? Or maybe just the Fb Bots. All joking aside, although there was nothing explicit or direct in my comments to indicate any ongoing turmoil or crisis, she could still see it. And perhaps even feel it.

She acted.

Mia reached out.

Initially, I resisted. No way I was going to accept assistance. Not from no one or nobody. Nope.

Not me.

Still, my mind nagged at me. I went back to her page and the private message she’d sent. There was something different. There was this inner … something.


Personal experience.

I accepted her invitation.

That was nearly a year ago.

From my standpoint of where I am now, this is one of the most pivotal decisions I have ever made. The journey to healing is not an easy one or a linear one either. It is fraught with obstacles, setbacks, and dangers. Some of which are of our own making.

I could not have done this alone.

Thank you, Mia.

Mia does not approach things as a traditional therapist.

Mia is not our therapist. She is our coach. She is our guide; assisting us as we face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Still, it is us that has to do the work. At times we may bog down, and that’s where Mia comes in. This is not just talking this is actions. As she hears our story of what we are facing and coping with, she provides not only a listening ear.

This may include specifically tailored encouragement, exercises, and suggestions. As well as for certain things to look out for and be aware of. Possible setbacks or pitfalls. Though we may need to excavate part of the past, the point is to move forward, not backward. Which with any trauma can be a danger. We’ve lived there once. We don’t want to live there again.

Mia understands because she’s been there.

Through both the journey of trauma as well as the journey of healing. Has she experienced exactly what we have? No. No one has. Nor have we experienced exactly what she has. But the depth of trauma, regardless, of the journey, is likely the same. Trauma is Trauma. The healing journey is a climb. It does not happen overnight.  She cannot do it for us, but she can guide us through it.

She has the tools.

When I made advancements, she let me know. When I stagnated or fell back, she let me know that too. A well-placed question here or a well-placed question there and the rest was up to me.

If you are you struggling, or if you have tried traditional therapy or even other methods, but nothing seems to have truly helped and you feel stuck or worse, and if you’ve seen Mia’s page, and of course you have, as you are reading this now, don’t be like me and wait, or hem and haw, reach out.

Remember, though Mia has been there, and she’s done the work, when you reach out, remember you will have to do the work. She can’t do it for you. But she can help. She can be your coach. She can be there for you as she was there for me.

With Mia’s help, I did find the strength to face that wound which I did not want to not face. Though there was a white lining of sorts, It did almost turn out the way I had feared. However with Mia’s ongoing support and guidance, through the methods stated above, I found within myself the strength and tools needed and moved forward.

I am no longer in the darkness. I am no longer where I was.

And for this, thank you, Mia.

From the depths of my heart.

Thank you for hanging in there through your own traumas. Thank you for hanging there with us and thank you for hanging in there with me.

Forever grateful.

Your friend, Jean.

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