Mia Vivone | Professional Consultant and Coach Specializing in Trauma


“I’ve been counseling with Mia for 18 months. Mia has compassion, she’s understanding, a good listener, challenges your thoughts and how you feel. I find comfort in talking to Mia.

I’ve talked to many of Therapists for over a decade before I met Mia.

The first time I sat down with Mia and shared my my story, she showed compassion and understanding and asked if I would like to meet with her more. In our sessions that followed, I know for the first time I felt understood and validated. For the first time in my life I’m comfortable in my skin and I know I’m worthy and I matter. Mia peer counseled me and I’ve done a lot of hard work- Mia guided me through everything. Today I have Hope, Joy and Inner Peace. Mia is definitely Unique and One of a Kind.”

Diana G.

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