Anyone who has experienced abandonment, neglect, or any other type of abuse will have difficulties within their relationships. Learn how to stop viewing your partner through the lens of your painful past.

Working with Mia has helped us respect (instead of resenting) each other's traumatic pasts. We've never felt more securely connected.

MIKE & IShmael S.

Why Work With Mia

Are you ready?

Working with Mia means recognizing that lingering emotional residue from old wounds is snuffing out what could be the love of your life!  The age of incessantly requesting that 'unmet needs' be the responsibility of your partner is long, long, gone. Mia teaches that taking responsibility for your internal environment is The Key to creating emotional safety for those you love.

Trauma Recovery Coaching

Learn why you react the way that you do and develop effective and efficient coping skills to end self-defeating behaviors and improve every area of your life.

Mia's Areas of Expertise

with expertise in over 50 trauma-related topics, Mia is proficient when it comes to teaching others coping skills to achieve their personal, relationship, and career goals while living with the long-term effects of trauma.

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