“I used to believe that I was broken beyond repair- defective, damaged goods, and that the only way I could get relief from all that ailed me was to die. Have you ever felt like that? I want you to know that there is another way. Today, I love being alive, I love who I am, and I love living my life. If you knew all that I have lived through, you would understand what a profound statement that is. I’m sure you have survived horrors of your own. Before you do something you can’t take back, give me a chance to help you. Let me show you how you can love living too.”

Is a life coach the same thing as a therapist? Life coaching and therapy have similarities in the way that both approaches use information gathered from psychological and behavioral perspectives, but the services are very different. The fundamental difference between the two is that life coaches are not licensed, healthcare professionals. The style of life coaching differs in that your coach will certainly validate the things that have happened in your past, but Mia’s role is to teach you skills that will cause you to shift your focus to moving forward from your past. That way, you can overcome limitations in your mindset that have been holding you back.

What can I expect from working with a life coach?  Life coaches help you set goals, identify obstacles to reaching those goals, and teach you coping skills to overcome those obstacles. Knowledge often comes from their own personal lived experiences, as well as insight garnered from the work they’ve done with others. The power differential found in most therapist-client relationships does not exist in life coaching. The client and coach are on the same level, so to speak, and you are in control of your life and decisions, although a life coach has a unique perspective compared to someone who has not had experiences similar to yours. Your coach will not take on a role of authority over you but connects you to your inherent power so that you can finally make changes in your life.

Why Mia? Mia has a long list of experiences she has worked through and has helped hundreds of women and men overcome barriers to achieving self-acceptance, confidence, healthier relationships, increased job performance and satisfaction, and an improved overall outlook on life. In an industry full of masterclasses teaching students how to get rich – so the master gets richer, Mia’s dedication to her profession and providing quality service holds steady. She has only one focus: meeting the needs of her clients. You have plenty of choices. Choose someone with experience, versatility, and singleness of purpose. Choose Mia.

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Does Mia take private insurance?
Mia can give you a receipt or a super-bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Processing insurance is a full-time job, and Mia would rather remain available for those in need of life coaching services.

Is Mia a psychotherapist?
Mia is a certified master-level life coach, and registered alcohol and drug counselor, with a professional background in mental health. Mia uses nearly two decades of experience to teach coping strategies to others that cannot be found in books – skills that are learned only through personal experience. No federal or state licensure requirements exist for life coaches, so she can work with you wherever you are. Mia does not practice clinical therapy.

Can Mia help me if I’ve experienced trauma?
Mia has experienced many forms of trauma and can help you cope with these issues without asking you to re-experience the painful past. The approach of life coaching focuses on skill-building rather than processing. This is unusual compared to therapy, which often requires that you go back and talk about it. Mia’s unique style is not intrusive, which means you will not feel worse after your session, but better!

Does Mia do counseling with children or couples?
Mia Works with adults 18 and up and does not do sessions with couples.

Is counseling with Mia confidential?
Mia is ethically and legally bound to report any information that suggests abuse of a child or elderly individual, as well as any harm that you may cause to yourself or someone else. Although the security of the internet can never be guaranteed, the details of your counseling sessions are never shared with others, and your personal information is never sold. The Zoom video-conferencing application that Mia uses is HIPPA compliant.

Can I work with Mia if I am getting help from a therapist, psychiatrist, or other professional?
Life coaching is set apart from other professions, due to the aspect of Mia having lived experiences that are similar to your own. The power differential found in the therapist-client relationship does not exist in life coaching. You will not be told what to do, but you will be empowered to make the changes in your life that you have always wanted to make. Mia’s work with you does not replace but complements the help you are getting from others.

Can Mia help me with my court case?
The judicial system is more concerned about getting information from a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who has worked with you. Mia is not required to keep notes or clinical documentation about clients’ cases and chooses to stay neutral concerning legal matters.

Can Mia be my friend?
The essence of the life coaching relationship is built on common ground and is more casual compared to that of the therapist-client relationship. However, if Mia sees you in a public place, she will smile or wave but will not intrude upon your privacy by approaching you, and she asks that you extend her this same courtesy. Mia does not date clients. Friend requests from clients are not accepted on personal social media pages.

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