Calm Anxiety in 3 Simple Steps

It's been one of those days. You have a long list of to-do's, but you feel like you've gone nowhere and have accomplished nothing because your wheels are spinning. You have two choices. You can let it ride, go home frustrated and exhausted, dreading the stress of tomorrow because you know you'll be playing catch-up, or you can learn this simple trick to gaining traction and shifting out of worthless zombie mode and into a productive badass! Old habits die hard, but the kind of stress we're talking about here shortens your life span anyway, so you have nothing to lose by sticking around to learn this short formula for getting your shit together so you can get shit done...

Overtime and Out of Our Minds

Young people are saddled with stress. Couples both work full-time jobs and split second-shift responsibilities (e.g., cooking, cleaning, laundry, budget, bills) on a rotational chore calendar (Arnett & Jensen, 2019; Shabner, 2006). Long hours and exhaustion can reduce the quality and duration of the time that couples spend together, adding to relational strain.