Mia Vivone

With nearly two decades of experience and expertise in over 50 topics, Mia combines her formal education and lived experience to offer a variety of services including trauma-informed training events, group psychoeducation facilitation, professional counseling, and expert testimony. Before embarking on her solo journey, Mia worked as a peer counselor and professional clinical counselor in the mental health field assisting those suffering from psychiatric mental disorders and resulting compulsive behaviors, such as self-harm, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Mia continues offering effective crisis interventions and teaching coping strategies to her clients, which have proven to yield tangible evidence of improvement in the quality of their lives.


Professional Consulting, Counseling,
Expert Testimony

Mia uses an effective combination of formal education, life experience, and nearly two decades of professional experience to transform individuals and agencies by transferring insight and practical knowledge from more than 50 topics. Mia has been recognized as an expert in her field by supervisors, colleagues, and courts.

Trauma-Informed Training, Group Psychoeducation Facilitation,
Speaking Engagements

A double-decade participant and graduate of the world-renown Toastmasters training program for speakers, Mia specializes in professional speaking that delivers even controversial subject matter in a delightfully engaging and memorable style. Mia has extensive experience as a presenter, keynote speaker, and panel member in a wide variety of platforms.

Letters of Verification, Research,
White Papers, Articles, Blogs

Mia’s stimulating content captures attention and encourages motivation, driving audiences to take decisive action. Forms include research articles, blog posts, book reviews, white papers, more. Mia crafts multifarious work using niche-specific vocabulary, an informative and persuasive style, and a bold voice. Mia creates innovative educational curriculums for specific industries and categories, delivering concepts and applications that expand knowledge and bolster the performance of individuals, groups, private organizations, and professional agencies.

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In an industry full of masterclasses teaching students how to get rich – so the master gets richer, Mia’s dedication to her professions and providing quality services holds steady. She has only one focus: meeting the needs of her clients. You have plenty of choices. Choose someone with experience, versatility, and singleness of purpose. Choose Mia.

  • Highly Regarded by Clients
  • Delivers Results
  • Meets Deadlines
  • High-Quality Original Content
  • Focused on Service

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Life Changing”

I have been seeing Mia for about 5 months and it’s changed my life. Our very first session she put my mind and my heart at ease and was on her way to touching my soul – I’m now a productive part in my own life and others’ lives. I wish we had met years ago.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


I’ve known Mia for more than five years. She never fails to deliver. She speaks with authority that comes from years of training, application, and most importantly, experience. She is an engaging and powerful speaker, even without props!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic Quality”

I really appreciate the quality and unique style of Mia’s writing. She has a way a restructuring information and presenting it so that concepts and action steps are easy to understand. Her ideas and voice come through and make me want to keep reading.


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